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I am the Coroner, or C as everyone calls me. I have been a ghost writer for over a decade and have been writing for 15 years total. In that time, I have worked with everyone, from artists making albums in their bedrooms to being flown out to studios to work with house hold names.


In 2010 I decided to offer my services via the web so I could work with more Indi artists and cut out the large % agents keep from professional writing budgets. The idea was a huge success and I have since worked with hundreds of customers with a 100% track record. I have now built the Coroner Ghostwriting into the number one online Hip Hop ghost writing service in the world.


I have a very professional service, track record and resume that speaks for itself, so if your suffering from writers block or just need some help with lyrics please use the Contact page to discuss it further, C.

C O R O N E R  A N D  Q U E S T I O N S

How long before I get my lyrics?  

I usually take between 1-7 days to start writing your lyrics and then a maximum of 14 days for a verse/song. Does not apply to package deals.



What is a reference track?  

A reference track is a recorded version of your lyrics which is used for you to hear and emulate the flow. This is not 100% necessary but is recommended to get the best out of your purchase, all full purchases get reference tracks for free.


Will anyone else have the same lyrics as me?  

No, every lyric I write for you is original and not recycled, no one will have those lyrics besides you.



Are you confidential?

Yes 100%, I am the only person interacting with my clients and the only person involved in the writing process.



Do you guarantee I will get what I order?  

Yes, this is a professional service and a legitimately registered company which has a 100% track record. This is also why my online shop uses Credit cards and PayPal as they are the safest way's to transfer your money to give you peace of mind.

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