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If you are a long term client of the Coroner you are used to seeing Standard and Coroner styles to purchase. Standard being industry level at more affordable costs and Coroner, a much higher level of lyricism at a higher price. To simplify the buying process, I now provide all of those styles and any other style but for one price.


Samples A and B are a higher level of lyricism and were the old Coroner level of lyrics more suited to underground Hip Hop, samples C-F are a high level of lyrics for industry quality. I hope to hear from you soon, thanks for reading, C.

History tries to make us look like slaves shackled in chains,

When long before Europe we won wars with immaculate grace,

And built pyramids, so my vision is, of a spectacular race,

With passion in traits, mansions on mountains not captured with hate,

Now we drink poison and kill for a colour,

Claim to be street, aiming the heat, but that's boys in the gutter,

A missed education, you can’t avoid, the void, exploited to brothers,

Leave baby moms, in a chase of funds, & no choice but to love her,

I'm a brave heart, I parade scars, from when I was past death,

Your gods son was the words my mum spoke in her last breath,

Now I'm more militant my mind is like Malcolm,

Thoughts of Hughie Newton but its surprising they doubt him,

I've got the power of the panthers arising around him,

The revolution has begun is what my mind is pronouncing,

I'm here for Martin Luther because the signs are astounding,

So heres pay back for the bullet that arrived then denounced him,  

On the grind not clocked in on that day shift,

Drinking red wine with kush and wild meat that’s not tainted,

Bit of cash now they call me the one like the matrix,

Wardrobe got so many chains my girl calls it the slave ship,

Nice with it, so if your Robbing-son I’ll do him like Ray did,

When I touch jaws it’s like dudes have just fainted,

The cars got red carpet, we call that the A-list,

Cash collectors, we get it from the Benjie’s to where Abe is,

The greatest, who’s survived by the streets,

My records like Floyd, it can’t be defined by defeats,

We winning back to back like Drake when he was writing for Meek,

I can’t be touched like Jones Jr when he was finding his peak,


A- Nas Style


Its young hov, I've got my chain on froze,

Over 20 years in business but my game aint old,

Had more money than yall when I had weight on a stove,

I'm the black Branson, aint a place I aint stayed on the globe,

I've got that G4 moving daily,

Tailored suits, from famous routes, they choose to take me,

I used to be on the block where you shoot to stay free,

Me and Papi had so many birds we produced an Aviary,

Now it’s stocks, shares and meetings,

Prepared completions, of contracts and fair proceedings,

Gone from hugging the corner with grams I was selling them,

To walking in the white house shaking hands with the president,

We smoke cigars while making plans for developments,

Tobacco leafs, that capos breathe, branded with intelligence,

E- Jay Z Style

Resident souls, forgiven in a decadent toll,

Depths are disclosed, pain lingering, the pressures are known,

I bled for rap it was never a joke,

No exceptions, my directions, left me presently broke,

I got street money but that aint getting a home,

So I've got pads under desk lights entering notes,

Envision this, I put viciousness, in every sentence I've wrote,

The difference is, im diligent, a definite pro,

I'm a fallen angle, with the heart of the greatest,

Walk in my shoes, and see the scars, of the natives,

Porcelain crews, turn in to shards, when I say this,

But a fortunate few, don’t get carved, when the blade flicks,

Discarding the ancients, Im past being sadist,

Cooperates will lose, in the darks, where my name lives,

Informing the news, that I laugh, while their veins slit,

Im morbid it’s true, so hear the bark, of my slain pits,


Nice with it, no receipts of the price with it,

Be a walking target like dressing all black with a white fitted,

Head shots, there not ready but the hype did it,

Like Diaz to McGregor its tap, tap or night with it,

Cos I have deviant tales, when the streets had prevailed,

Cocaine peaked on the scales, that’s the reason I failed,

So bring peace, or this piece, will put you to peace, or in hell,

Me catching bodies is as surprising as the tower of Pisa just fell,

So name a rapper that’s as ill as me?

I bleed ink from pens that run into killing streaks,

Since a kid I think big but it was still a dream,

Stacking headless presidents like pocket is a guillotine,  



F- Rick Ross style

Silk sheets, caviar and a model that’s my usual,

With a few yachts sat just off the coast looking beautiful,

I had money before rap from those coke ties,

Razor blades cutting bricks, sweat dripping into coke lines,

That’s that Miami heat, sleep? Your get closed eyes,

Real Kush, I keep my green more official than a bow tie,

These girls got ambitious mouths if you feel me?

And I can fulfil their dreams, now that’s what real means,

I used buy those Columbian bricks when the shares changed,

Stock prices drop, I cop, I didn’t buy 'em fair trade,

South American powder, I didn’t know the region,

One sniff, from a brick, then your nose is bleeding,

I make the streets white, it might snow this evening,

Charging cash, got arctic swag, It's polar season,